When my son received his 4th grade teacher assignment last summer, there was no small amount of excitement and joy in our home to know that this precious lady would be shepherding and teaching our ten-year-old.  Anyone who has spent the better part of twenty years raising a house full of boys who are kind, funny, joyful and respectful has MY full attention and respect.  What a blast it was to capture her family (including an aging and beloved pup) and their chemistry together.  Thankfully, the family was all under one roof for a short time over Easter, so we made it happen on a gorgeous spring day in an historic park in Birmingham.  It was great and fun and my heart was full of excitement and hope as I pulled away.  Not dreading those teenage years anymore.

 Teenage boys are just plain fun.  I wanted to share just a few shots.  Meet the Moores.


The Lord is my chosen portion and my cup;
 you hold my lot.
The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places;
 indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance.

 Psalm 16:5-6

on beauty.

My thoughts on earthly beauty have been changing.  What I see and understand as beautiful one day, might not turn my head at all the very next.  What strikes me as ordinary on a Monday might completely take my breath away on a Tuesday.  I have always loved chasing beauty in the ordinary, messy and hard moments of life.  However, lately, I am thoroughly enjoying celebrating the beauty that is waiting for us.  A beauty that is more fixed and "dressed-up."  A promise of more.  On days when my house is clean and laundry is miraculously put away, I breathe easier. When the sun is out and the sky is clear, I feel lighter.  I believe that this is because we are made for far more.  We long for a beautiful home that we don't live in yet.   This family.  These people had all of that.  There was earthly beauty all around, but also a more evident, deep, heart-level beauty that made me feel "at home" in their home.  My camera was really happy about that.
 Meet the Montgomerys.  


To begin.  The site is new.  The "non-blog" is new.  And well.....photography, taking pictures, capturing life behind my camera is very much not new.  The itch for some change and an injection of newness was screaming at me and pushing me forward.  The push keeps me creating and hoping to find what I haven't yet found in those images that I see.  Scary.....yes.  But that's okay.  As a forty-ish year old, I am starting to grow more comfortable with making plans and letting them go at the same time.  Looking back, it is how I have always grown as an artist.  Most artists (and moms and bankers and athletes and bus drivers) would likely agree there is always something out there that is unchartered, undiscovered and unfound.  That is why I do this.  To find the unfound.  Freezing a moment that didn't happen before and won't happen again.   Not a profound concept, but very true and completely rewarding.

For now, in this space, on this page, I will share images that I love, that I keep coming back to and shots of people that I have found interesting.  Occasionally, I will toss in something from my life "at home."  So...not a blog, really.  Just pictures with possibly some random comments.  Here is a quick teaser shot of what's to come.  Meet Susan.