To begin.  The site is new.  The "non-blog" is new.  And, taking pictures, capturing life behind my camera is very much not new.  The itch for some change and an injection of newness was screaming at me and pushing me forward.  The push keeps me creating and hoping to find what I haven't yet found in those images that I see.  Scary.....yes.  But that's okay.  As a forty-ish year old, I am starting to grow more comfortable with making plans and letting them go at the same time.  Looking back, it is how I have always grown as an artist.  Most artists (and moms and bankers and athletes and bus drivers) would likely agree there is always something out there that is unchartered, undiscovered and unfound.  That is why I do this.  To find the unfound.  Freezing a moment that didn't happen before and won't happen again.   Not a profound concept, but very true and completely rewarding.

For now, in this space, on this page, I will share images that I love, that I keep coming back to and shots of people that I have found interesting.  Occasionally, I will toss in something from my life "at home."  So...not a blog, really.  Just pictures with possibly some random comments.  Here is a quick teaser shot of what's to come.  Meet Susan.