on beauty.

My thoughts on earthly beauty have been changing.  What I see and understand as beautiful one day, might not turn my head at all the very next.  What strikes me as ordinary on a Monday might completely take my breath away on a Tuesday.  I have always loved chasing beauty in the ordinary, messy and hard moments of life.  However, lately, I am thoroughly enjoying celebrating the beauty that is waiting for us.  A beauty that is more fixed and "dressed-up."  A promise of more.  On days when my house is clean and laundry is miraculously put away, I breathe easier. When the sun is out and the sky is clear, I feel lighter.  I believe that this is because we are made for far more.  We long for a beautiful home that we don't live in yet.   This family.  These people had all of that.  There was earthly beauty all around, but also a more evident, deep, heart-level beauty that made me feel "at home" in their home.  My camera was really happy about that.
 Meet the Montgomerys.