fresh. organic. unscripted.  These three words come close to describing my approach to photographing families and children.  My goal, each shoot, is to capture those sweet moments that quickly become memories.  I believe that photographs are much more than something to fill a frame, hang on a wall or weigh down your hard drive.  They are a brief and frozen glimpses into the heart of a child, as well as a reflection of families and the relationships they have with each other.  Therefore, each photo session is totally unique to the client.  I want to help you tell your story.

I specialize in on-location photography using 100% natural light.  I will follow you to the place of your choice.  Some of the most amazing images tend to come from the spaces where children feel most at home...their own bedroom, a tire swing, or sitting on a sidewalk playing with a toy.  If you are unsure about location, I am always more than happy to make suggestions.

As an artist, I understand the importance of beauty and creativity in the life of a family.  As a wife and mother, I deeply understand the importance of capturing and holding on to the precious smiles and belly laughs that are the signatures of every child.  Taking hold of these moments through the medium of photography has become an "open window" in my life.  It is my hope to share this with you and your family.



This shoot is for the family with one to five children.  We will spend at least one hour together, plus it includes all post-production work.  A newborn or engagement shoot would both fall into this category.



This shoot is for the high-school or college senior who would like traditional or creative shots to capture this special time in his/her life.  We will spend one hour together, plus it includes all post-production work.



This shoot is for the families with six or more children OR two combined family units (i.e. cousins, grandparents, etc).  We will spend at least one hour together, plus it includes all post-production work. 



Within sixty miles outside of the Birmingham area.  Additional travel & fees can be discussed when applicable.




All edited and prepared digital images sent in a downloadable gallery.  Collection quantity varies depending on the shoot.  A typical collection can range from 75-125 images.   Ownership and printing rights will also be given.

FIVE FAVS   $95:  

You will choose five of your favorite digital images for ownership and printing rights.

JUST ONE   $50:  

You will choose that one favorite digital image for ownership and printing rights.

***Prints and products for purchase are available upon special request.



CLOTHING - Wear clothing that you are comfortable in!  I try not to over-direct in this area simply because the client's ease and comfort is paramount.  However, solids and layers always work well for portraits.  Extremely bold patterns and prints often distract from the image.  Feel free to bring a fun hat, scarf or accessory that helps communicate YOU!  

LOCATION - You tell me!  I can certainly make suggestions, but I am happy just about anywhere we have good light.  An "at home" shoot is always an option, as well.

KIDDOS -  My goal with little ones is to capture their little hearts, big smiles and even bigger imaginations.  More often than not, too much posing can get in the way of this goal.  I would much rather have a very busy "happy camper" over a sad "posed weary" child. Of course we will work hard to capture some great posed shots, but I would rather the experience be more about a little adventure story rather than a painful experience of sitting still for an hour.   Also...feel free to bring a bag of treats or snacks to help out along the way.

WEATHER - We will touch base a day or two before the scheduled shoot to confirm.  If weather becomes an issue, we will reschedule.